Samenfeld Strategic Consulting provides services to large and small organizations. My broad experience in the for-profit, nonprofit, and academic sectors and across many different industries gives me a unique perspective on project management. My mantra is "Success is not an Accident". Click on the tabs below to find out more about the array of services I can provide to help your organization thrive.

Database Development

Database development for open source databases such as MySQL utilizing PHP. CiviCRM database development in the Joomla and Droopal/Civicspace Content Management Systems (CMS). {/tab}


Content Management/Web Development

Everything is moving to the web. Developing web based applications is more than just writing some html code. One of the best ways to develop web based applications is to use a Content Management System (CMS). Systems like Lotus Notes and GroupWise are proprietary CMSs that can cost quite a bit to install and maintain. There are some excellent Open Source alternatives such as Joomla (used for this site), Droopal/Civicspace, and Plone. All of these systems combine database back-ends with web front-ends. The purpose of any CMS is to move the focus from the technology to "content" and to provide a very flexible, modular environment for collaboration and information sharing.



Infrastructure Services

From wiring to email systems your information infrastructure is the foundation for everything else you do. Designing the right infrastructure makes everything else you do easier.


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